Introducing Our Seoul NGO Partner Aeranwon

In South Korea, single parenthood and young pregnancy is heavily stigmatized and this creates an atmosphere that makes it difficult for those in need to ask for the resources and help they need. Aeranwon is a non-profit organization that works to provide young mothers, or single parents, with a network of support, such as delivering babies safely, finding shelter, and providing professional help in gaining  career or academic opportunities. In the hopes of breaking this social stigma and raising awareness about the lack of care that single mothers and parents often face, Cityface has partnered with the Seoul branch of Aeranwon. 

There are different support programs that Aeranwon provides which includes the Me.You.Us. Single Parent-Child Center, Emergency Pregnancy Support Center, Narae Alternative School, Aeranwon, Aeran Young’ Vill, Mapo Aeranwon, Aeran Mother and Baby’s Home, and Aeran Seumter. They all serve different purposes for single mothers or parents at different phases in the journey. For example, the Me.You.Us. Single Parent-Child Center provides vocational training, employment, parenting and living skills, legal help and more to single-parent families. The Narae Alternative School allows for students who have been forced to withdraw from school due to pregnancy to continue their academic experience. This is done through reinstatement to school after suspension or expulsion or to provide an alternative schooling experience. Other services include medical help, as well as mental health help in order to make sure that young parents and mothers are able to deal with the emotional hardships of their unique experiences. By providing a wide range of guidance, Aeranwon is an organization that truly fights to protect single parents and allow them to fully integrate into society. 

Cityface believes that every youth deserves a chance for individual expression and to achieve their dreams. Pregnancy and parenthood can be difficult for anyone, especially those who are still growing themselves, but it is not an impossible challenge. Single mothers and parents are deserving of an environment and future that embraces them and allows them to grow creatively. We hope that our partnership with Aeranwon can help foster this attitude and bring about more supporters to get on board with the cause.